Biopolitical art and Community

Par défaut

Citizen K by the Czech artist collective “Ztohoven” challenges the role of identity cards.obcanK_morf

Part of a larger research project on Biopolitical art in Eastern Europe since the 1990s


Denisa Tomkova, PhD Candidate, University of Aberdeen


The concept of community can be approached from many different angles. I will look particularly at the community that is represented by the nation-state and formally confirmed by identity cards. The nation-state as a form of a community is especially interesting in relation to a globalised world which is declared to be a ‘borderless’. Already in the 1980s theorists argued for the persisting existence of the nation-state. Stanley Hoffmann claimed that the nation-state has survived as the centre of political power and that nationality remains the main countervailing force that resists all the dissolvents of community. Benedict Anderson proposed that the nation… Lire la suite…

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