Programme du colloque de Lisbonne « Comparing WE’s » (8-9 oct)

Par défaut

Comparing “WE’s”. Community, Cosmopolitanism and Emancipation in a Global Context

October 8th-9th
Centre for Comparative Studies University of Lisbon (Portugal)

8th of October 2015

9-9 ́30 9 ́30-10 ́15 10 ́15-12 ́15

Registration Opening session Session 1

Seminar Program

-Cory Stockwell (Bilkent University. Turkey) Meydan.
-Remy Ástruc (Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France) Forms of the

we: on the tangibility of community.

-Denisa Tomkova (University of Edimburgh, Scotland). Identity Cards as Biopolitical art in Eastern Europe since 1990s.

12 ́15-13 ́30 Lunch Break 13 ́30-15 ́00 Session 2

-Elsa Peralta and Lars Jensen (University of Lisbon; University of Roskilde) Austerity, National Identity Crisis and (Post)colonial Nostalgia: Portugal and Denmark.

-Gaia Giuliani (Centro de Estudos Sociais. Universidade de Coimbra) The Colour(s) of Lampedusa.

-Bruno Góis (Instituto de Ciéncias Sociais. University of Lisbon) The Irish question again: Sinn Féin (‘we ourselves’) and anti-austerity internationalism in Europe

15 ́00-15 ́30 Coffee Break

15 ́30-17 ́30 Session 3

-Ayman A. El-Desouky (Department of the Near and Middle East. SOAS, University of London). The Egyptian Amāra: Collective Realities and Connective Agency on the Other Side of Discourse.

-Aybige Yilmaz (School of Performance and Screen Studies. Kingston University. United Kingdom). The cosmopolitan potential of humour and creativity.

-Tomaz Carlos Flores Jacques (School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Al Akhawayn University. Morocco) Occupying Spaces, Suspending Time: The “We” as Threshold.


9th of October 2015 9 ́30-11 ́30 Session 4

-Luisa Cardoso (Department of Art History. New University of Lisbon). Comparing Differences, Creating Communities, Encompassing Emancipations: Peripheral Art Histories in a Global Context.

-Anna Jawor (Polish Academy of Sciences) How to make “US” rainbow? Comparing strategies of emancipation on the example of LGBT movements and queer communities.

-Magdalena López (Centre for Comparative Studies. University of Lisbon) New Maroons: Post-Utopian proposals in Lusophone Africa and the Hispanic Caribbean.


11 ́30-13 ́00 Roundtable. “Commons in comparison” in Portugal. Chair: Manuela Ribeiro Sanches.

13 ́00-14 ́00 Lunch Break 14 ́00-16 ́00 Session 5

-Ligia Ziggioti de Oliveira (Universidade Federal de Paraná. Brazil) Políticas públicas de igualdade de gênero e a reação neoconservadora: considerações a partir do contexto brasileiro.

-Sofia Roque (Centre of Philosophy. University of Lisbon). Entre Nós: restaurar a liberdade como o sentido próprio da política em Hannah Arendt.

-Ligia Ziggioti de Oliveira (Universidade Federal de Paraná. Brazil) Os casos de infanticídio indígena e o embate entre universalistas e relativistas.

16 ́00-16 ́30 Coffee Break 16 ́30-18 ́30 Session 6

-Camelia Gradinaru (University of Iasi. Romania) The virtual “we”. Storytelling and knowledge transfer in online communities.

-Ioan-Alexandru Gradinaru (University of Iasi. Romania) Searching for the Real ‘We’: A Brief Inquiry into the Practices of Participatory Democracy.

-Nomusa Makhubu (Michaelis School of Fine Art. University of Cape Town. South Africa) Makawe! Precarious Publics and Post-1994 Resistance Art in a ‘World City’

18 ́30 Closing Remarks 21 ́00 Seminar Dinner


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